Dance Festival Croydon 2019 showcases and celebrates contemporary dance.
Curated by Beeja, the festival will have 4 events starting at the Shoestring Theatre, CYTO on 27 April 2019. The second event of the festival will be at the Stanley Halls on 20 July, third at the Brit School on 7 September and the final event at the newly renovated Fairfield Halls on 19 October. It is an exciting programme of performances and workshops by talented and renowned Croydon based, national and international companies and performers. The event at Fairfield Halls is part of the Dance Umbrella takeover of the Fairfield Halls on 19-20 October 2019.
Thanks to ACE Croydon Council, Dance Umbrella and Croydon Council for funding and support.

27 April 2019, Shoestring Theatre, CYTO


Hidden Impact was part of the WW1 commemorations and shows the roles people with learning disabilities played during the conflict.

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Ella Mesma

Told through the narration of our host Milton Lopes, Foreign Bodies is a love story which takes place underwater. Using the metaphor of Jellyfish and beautiful lights, …

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Vena Ramphal

The work explores ‘What happens when we connect with the pulse of stillness within the movement?’

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Tom O’Gorman

‘Stance’ draws on Tom’s experience as a competitive fencer, the technique and physicality of the sport, translating into a movement language.

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Workshops, 27 April 2019, Shoestring Theatre, CYTO

Urban Playground

Performance-Parkour combines elements of free-running with the eloquence of dance in playful, fun and completely safe movement that is accessible to everyone.

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