Shreya Vadnerkar

Breakin’ Boundaries

A British Indian experience showcased through Bharatanatyam and Breakin’ (Breakdance)
“So like, where you from?” – How many times have you heard that one?
Have you ever felt stereotyped, boxed in or labelled? Never Indian enough, nor western enough. But what happens when we remove these labels?
This unique dance piece embraces the journey of finding and accepting one’s’ true self, a journey filled with excitement, self-doubt & resolution.

About the artist

Shreya Vadnerkar is a British-Indian Performing Artist specialising in Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance and a new found passion for Breaking (Breakdance) over the years. She has trained in additional styles such as tap, street and modern dance and regularly performs and teaches dance around the UK. She has also taken to the stage and camera with her acting work both in the UK and Internationally. Some of her recent achievements include being a featured artist in the TUI Thailand advert, playing a lead female role in the touring Patel’s Millions production, performing at Dialled In festival representing the Diaspora community & featuring in the Marvel Eternals film as a Bollywood dancer. Her recent dance work includes her self-choreographed solo ‘Breakin Boundaries’ based on her British Indian experience of belonging. As well as this Shreya also delves into other sectors in the Arts through her work as Associate Director of Nupur Arts Dance Academy

Choreography & Dance Artist: Shreya Vadnerkar
Mentor: Kamala Devam
Project Emerge curated by: Nupur Arts Youth Association & Artistic Director Smita Vadnerkar
Music credit: Riz Ahmed- Where you from (live from The Big Narstie show) & Ólafur Arnalds- Til Enda
Music Editing: Ben Henry Edwards & Shreya Vadnerkar
Costume: Shreya Vadnerkar
Videography: Matthew Cawrey
Lighting design: Jai Morjaria

Photos: Vipul Sangoi