Ceyda Tanc Dance


A celebration of what it means to be female, Kizlar is an aesthetically driven  exploration of femininity and masculinity, strength and vulnerability, creating a visually stunning dance work.

Ceyda Tanc Dance creates dynamic contemporary dance influenced by Tanc’s Turkish heritage. Drawing on the virtuoso movements of male Turkish dancers  with an all-female company, their unique movement vocabulary combines athletic  contemporary movement with traditional Turkish folk dance, conveying striking  shapes and a strong, sensual energy. Tanc’s work seeks to challenge traditional  gender representation and highlight the intersection of cultures in modern Britain, embedding themes of feminism, ritual and ceremony.

Choreography: Ceyda Tanc

Dancers: Gemma Shrubb, Chloe Mead, Freya Simpson, Gabriella Sanders, Colette Kite, Georgia Marshall
Music: Original composition by Asta Hiroki
Costume: Holly Murray, Karin Tanc, The Vampire’s Wife
Set Design: Sand Interiors, Szilard Varga
Lighting: Georgia Godfrey
Photography: Roarke Pearce and Amber Tanc

Supported by Brighton Festival, English National Ballet, South East Dance and The Studio.



Photo: Roarke Pearce