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Book 4 Shorts

BOOK 4 SHORTS is a Hip-Hop dance adventure where two friends need your help! Join in with the dancers and get the chance to finish telling their story in this interactive and lively show. BOOK 4 SHORTS promises to engage and inspire children through this unforgettable experience!

Movement Architect: Kendra “KRO” Horsburgh
Creatives and Performers: Amber Williams, Adrian “FALCON” Falconer
Understudies: Yasmin “ROADRUNNER” Edwards, Mitchell Eley
Music: WAKE UP / STRANGE by Apollo-G’eeze
Composer: Jean-Philippe TAÏMA / Guillaume LAURENT
Soundtrack: Simeon “KARDINAL” Campbell

Audience feedback:
“When I grow up, I want to be a breaker just like you. You inspired me.” – Student, King’s Cross Academy (2023)
“Thank you for the performance, it was very powerful.” – Teacher, St Andrew’s CE Infants School (2023)
“The year 4’s really enjoyed the performances, they left feeling inspired” – Teacher, Brecknock Primary School (2023)
“Oh my gosh, that’s so cool.” – Student, Legacy Youth Centre (2023)

Photos: @distinctldn, Henry Curtis