Sanskruti Dance

Magical Honey

Impactful storytelling and mesmerising music. But, of course the dancers were magical.” – Audience feedack

Join Maya’s world of Magical Honey with dance, magic, storytelling and live music.

Young Maya loves to draw and read and harnesses her own magic with the help of the celestial being Saraswati. Together they explore the mystical world around them where they discover dancing peacocks, flowers appearing as if from nowhere, and the buzzing sound of imaginary bees. But behold, her foe Miss. Tusra! The evil headmonster, oops, headteacher believes that no one should enjoy art.

Maya now needs your help and a little bit of magic to combat Miss. Tusra and restore the beauty of her enchanting world. Can you help her?


Performers: Linnea Husman, Suhani Dakini, Siya

Photos: Simon Richardson