Chandenie Gobardhan


Rudra is a work driven by Trimurti – a layered concept of cosmogony. The concept’s use of symbolism leaves space for many interpretations. The essence lies in the phases of the cycle: creation, preservation and destruction.

In Rudra, we brave through the layers and depths of destruction and grief.

As hymn-like whispers grace the air, tear-filled skies witness the unravelling of loss in an unforgiving world. Rudra transports the audience into a realm unknown, where destruction’s power is fearlessly embraced and experienced. The passage of time drags on when longing for swiftness, amplifying its agonising slowness. While the gradual sacrifice of sanity fuels the yearning to escape, Nick J Jones’ sound design invokes the haunting beauty of echoing cries for liberation.

As the stage becomes an altar for transformation, Rudra confronts the fragility of existence. An exhausted flame eventually driven to ash, whispering the tales of patience’s quiet strength.

Choreography: Chandenie Gobardhan
Performers: Mithun Gill, Adhya Shastry, Chandenie Gobardhan
Rehearsal Director: Max Revell
Composer: Nick J Jones
Lighting Design: Clancy Flynn, in collaboration with Chandenie Gobardhan
Special thanks to Chandenie’s parents, Poernima Gobardhan, Eva Martinez, Dickson MBI, Allison Vicente, James Olivo, Rory Clarke, Viki Čerček, Louis Partridge and Anthony Ekundayo Lennon.