19 October 2019, 3pm

Sugar Army

Sugar Army is an excerpt from Oona Doherty’s Hard To Be Soft. A four part episodic dance work inspired by Belfast

The sugar army is a contemporary Haka dance for young women.
To inspire bravery in difference.
Oona has created sugar army’s all over Europe for the Hard To Be Soft tour.
Belfast, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Edingburgh and now London.
The Croydon sugar army is performed by students of the Brit School.
Oona hopes one day to bring all of the sugar army’s together in Belfast to perform and meet each other.
One big dance for the women of the future.

Choreography Oona Doherty
Sound David Holmes
Light/Set Ciaran Bagnall
Photo/Film Luca Truffarelli
Dancers Alicia Coates, Emilia Gould, Erin Eastmond, Evie Tolley, Iolanda Dickson, Jada Small- Elcock, Lottie Hawkins and Tate Tooby