27 April, Shoestring Theatre, 6pm

Foreign Bodies

Told through the narration of our host Milton Lopes, Foreign Bodies is a love story which takes place underwater. Using the metaphor of Jellyfish and beautiful lights, ‘Foreign Bodies’ looks at fear vs love: using medical understandings of disease and media references around migration to explore the experience of ‘other’ and to allow love to overcome racism. It is also an interactive anonymous quiz show developed with Gentlemen Octopus Limited that explores what it means to be a citizen of the world: taking samples of citizenship tests to create the ultimate quiz with a twist.
In an age where tools like the web connect and divide us, ‘Foreign Bodies’ crosses borders and oceans, illuminating the enormity of time to tell the stories of individuals and echo the bigger stories: ancestry, evolution and the haunting legacy of historical power structures.

Danced to Fado, Kizomba and Kuduro rhythms created by composer Sabio Janiak.