7 September, The Brit School, 7pm

Adieu celebrates the life and work of Derek Jarman, the filmmaker, director, painter, gardener, activist and writer who died 25 years ago. During his last years, while losing his eyesight, health and loved ones because of AIDS, he created some of his most important and insightful works, and brought a garden of  colour and life to the stony landscape of Dungeness.

Our work is set to Stockhausen’s Adieu, a wind quintet he created after the death of a friend’s young child. Inspired by the strict composition of paintings by Piet Mondrian, Stockhausen’s score is based on the Fibonacci sequence. ‘Adieu’ is a reflection on the transience of experience, the order of nature and the beauty of innocence.

Thick & Tight and Corali will transport you to a place that exists between a nuclear garden, a flowering sea and a primary-coloured dream.

Choreographer Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry with Corali dancers

Cast Veneshia Bailey, Paul Davidson, Graham Evans, Housni (DJ) Hassan, Daniel Hay-Gordon, Bethan Kendrick, Eleanor Perry, Jackie Ryan

Music Adieu für Wolfgang Sebastian Meyer by Karlheinz Stockhausen

Photographs © Jon Archdeacon