19 October, Fairfield Halls, 3pm

Swapping Shadows

In Swapping Shadows, two dancers attempt to walk in each other’s footsteps. Drawing respectively from Bharatanatyam and contemporary techniques, they unveil the complementarity of both dance languages. Sometimes echoing poetic words, sometimes whirling to world music, they transfer movements from one form to the other and one level to the next. Simple steps slide into stylized actions. Floorwork starts a conversation with upright positions. Through tireless journeys across the space, the performers softly conquer their positions and swiftly swap places until they meet in strong, sister-like unisons.
Choreography: Yanaëlle Thiran in collaboration with Shivaangee Agrawal
Costume design: Akshy Marayen
Lighting design: Sally Somerville-Woodiwis
Supported by Elizabeth House Community Centre, The Bhavan and arebyte Gallery.
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Photograph by Madeleine Rose Elliott