19 October, Fairfield Halls, 3pm

The Other Side of Me

The Other side of Me. Am I who I am for me or for you?  I have an identical me but I’m not you. I see me, you see me, this is me. Contains Partial Nudity.

Struggling with the juxtaposition of being an identical twin with a strong yearning to establish their own individual identities, Alleyne Dance brings​ to the stage the conflicts we all go through when setting emotional boundaries and finding our inner voice.

Alleyne Dance is a unique and powerful company that blends Afro- Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak, Latin and Circus Skills within a contemporary dance context.  The aesthetic focus on rhythms and textures with movement that is athletic, fast-paced and dynamic with infusions of lyrical and fluid motion.

Choreography: Alleyne Dance
Performers: Kristina Alleyne and Sadé Alleyne
Producer: Grace Okereke
Production Manger: Salvatore Scollo

Lighting Design: Salvatore Scollo
Composers/ Music Design: Alan Dicker, Tom Neill
Co-Music Design: Sadé Alleyne
Spoken Word Text: Solomon Adams
Voice Artist: Sheree Dubois
Illustrator: Genevieve Edwards
Costumes: Kristina and Sadé Alleyne, Giulia Scrimieri

Alleyne Dance has kindly been supported by
Arts & Movements Ltd, Desti Masti Studios, Akram Khan, The Brit School of Performing Arts, Ultima Vez Company.

Special Thanks
Now Unlimited, Akram Khan , Antoine Marc, Louise Kateraga, Yen-Ching Lin , Aakash Odedra , Dickson MBI , Mbulelo Ndabeni,  Leila Ransley, Redbridge Drama Centre, Sheree Dubois- Songs:  ‘Tide’ and ‘ Identity’.

Photo credit: Lidia Crisafulli- Arts&Movement Ltd