19 October 2019, 3pm

Sugar Army

Sugar Army is an excerpt from Oona Doherty’s Hard To Be Soft.
Created by Belfast-based choreographer and dancer Oona Doherty, with driving music by DJ David Holmes, ‘Hard to Be Soft’ looks behind the masks of violence and machismo to the inner lives of Belfast hard men and strong women. Cast in four episodes, ‘Hard to Be Soft’ features solos from Doherty herself, a warrior-like hip-hop dance group, and a choreographed wrestling match for a male duet.
Using rich, sometimes unsettling imagery from Belfast street life and religious ritual, and set inside a massive, gleaming cage, it contrasts shocking power with meditative stillness.
Oona Doherty is a multi-award-winning choreographer who creates intense, compelling works that appeal for societal change. ‘Hard to Be Soft’ is a physical prayer celebrating all that we have and an invocation for what we are missing.
The Sugar Army will be performed by dance students from the Brit School.

Choreography Oona Doherty
Sound David Holmes
Light/Set Ciaran Bagnall
Photo/Film Luca Truffarelli