Grand Gesture

Walk Wake Woke

GRAND GESTURE is a trio of accomplished senior dancers who have come together in joyous celebration of life and taken the a bold step to create a dance company in Croydon for older dance performers. We all have performance experience – we met while performing for Rhiannon Brace’s Dissidents. We wish to challenge the current perceptions of elder dance. We can still dance, jump and roll and we want to perform works that challenge us physically and intellectually.

We collaboratively create dances by utilising the individual strengths of each performer. We aim to create dances of a high standard, which are entertaining, amusing, innovative and thought-provoking.

Artistic Team

Performers Mary Cox, Gilly Hanna, and Andy Newman
Choreography  by the dancers and Bruce Currie.
Music Deadman’s Stroll’ by the Revels and ‘Lust for Life’ by Iggy Pop