19 October, Fairfield Halls, 3pm

A Night’s Game

A Night’s Game reflects the turmoil and strife of human emotion when faced with the prospect of incarceration.  Explore the mind’s journey as the contemplation of the loss of freedom engulfs every waking moment.

Kristina and Sade bring to the stage dynamism and athletic strength, which they deliver with grace and beauty.  Inspired by true-life events, Alleyne Dance creates a dark, atmospheric and abstract work.

Alleyne Dance is a unique and powerful company that blends Afro- Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak, Latin and Circus Skills within a contemporary dance context.  The aesthetic focus on rhythms and textures with movement that is athletic, fast-paced and dynamic with infusions of lyrical and fluid motion.


Choreography- Alleyne Dance
Performers- Kristina Alleyne and Sadé Alleyne
Producer- Grace Okereke
Production Manager- Salvatore Scollo
Music Design: Sadé Alleyne, Alan Dicker, Tom Neil
Music: Alan Dicker, Samuel Kerridge, Paul English, Ólafur Arnalds, Kevin MacLeod, Armand Amar & Haroun Teboul Song
Mentor: Farooq Chaudhry
Lighting Design: Salvatore Scollo
Original Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom